How does carbon fiber benefit manufacturing companies?

s emerged as an important product in this era of rapid industrialization with numerous benefits for a variety of industries. In this blog, we are going to highlight carbon fiber, its significance in the world of manufacturing, its benefits and applications, etc. Also, how carbon fiber roller manufacturers and Rubber Roller manufacturers are getting benefitted from the incredible invention.     

Before we move forward, it makes sense to learn about the basics of carbon fiber as it will help the reader to relate the blog better.

carbon fiber roller

Learning about carbon fiber

Carbon is an incredible invention comprising thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon. It is also called graphite fiber or carbon graphite.

Considering its exceptional properties and salient features, it has found usage in various manufacturing industries.

Salient features of the product

  • High stiffness,
  • High tensile strength
  • Low weight-to-strength ratio
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High chemical resistance

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You would be surprised to learn that carbon fiber is over 4 times stronger than glass-reinforced plastic, around 20 times more than pine, and 2.5 times greater than aluminum.

Tensile strength

This is again a brilliant feature of carbon fiber. The product has a high tensile strength in comparison to many metals we use in our day-to-day life. For the unawares, tensile strength or ultimate strength is the maximum stress a material can endure while the material is being stretched or pulled before necking takes place.  In this regard, you can get in connect with a few popular industrial rubber roller suppliers for advance knowledge.


As far as weight is concerned, let’s understand this with an example. While both carbon fiber and steel are resistant to deformation, it has been proved that steel is far denser in comparison to carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is five times lighter in weight, as compared to steel, and ideal for a wide range of products. At the same time, 1.5 times lighter than aluminum.

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and aluminum

It has been proven scientifically that carbon fiber is ten times stronger than steel, while it is eight times stronger than aluminum.

Industrial applications

Since carbon fiber has incredible properties and features, it has found usage in a variety of applications.

Don’t get surprised when we tell you that carbon fiber has become one of the most sought-after materials for manufacturing industries. Hundreds of items are being manufactured by using the carbon fiber roller. These include bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, accessories, helmets, sports items, industrial machinery, etc. Let’s understand this with an example, lightweight tennis rackets empower lawn tennis players to boost their skills by swinging harder and faster. There’s hardly any risk of damaging the racket.

Industrial rubber rollers are drawing benefits from carbon fibre by manufacturing carbon fibre rollers and air shaft.

Prominent carbon fiber roller manufacturers, carbon fiber air shaft suppliers, industrial rubber roller suppliers, etc. across India are drawing benefits from carbon fiber.


Over the years, this product has become an integral part of manufacturing industries. If you are planning to buy any item manufactured by carbon fiber, examine the credibility and professional expertise of the manufacturer. Quality should always be at the core. Never compromise with the quality!


Carbon Fiber Roller Is All Set To Transform the Packaging Industry

In this era of changing market dynamics, innovation and discoveries are sprouting in abundance. Industry experts call it a golden age of evolution. Recall any sector, compare it with the decade-old technology, then you’ll realize, massive changes have taken place. Tools and technology have gone for a full spectrum change.

Even the manufacturing sector hasn’t remained unaffected. Continued roll-out of innovative products and technology is facilitating in transforming the landscape of the manufacturing sector.

In this specific blog, our effort is to expand your knowledge about an innovative product – Carbon Fiber Roller.

What’s carbon fiber???

Understanding Carbon Fiber

Before moving ahead, it’s pertinent to throw light on the game-changing carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber is one of the polymers, which comprises carbon atoms bonded together in the form of a chain. Owing to its unique properties, innovative carbon fibre is being leveraged in various sectors. Properties like Physical strength, specific toughness, lightweight, good vibration damping, high dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, electrical conductivity, and resistance to corrosion among others lends it a unique identity.

It’s five times stronger than steel and twice solid. Being a very strong and light material, it’s ideal for building a wide range of structures, including Carbon Fiber Roller. Owing to the unmatched properties of the product, it’s one of the most sought-after materials by engineers and designers!

Fabricated using contemporary tools and technology, carbon fibre is identified with exemplary features, including about 8 to 10 times stronger than steel and aluminum, 75% lighter than steel, 30-35% lighter than aluminum.

Significance of Carbon Fiber

The unique Carbon Fiber is being employed for a wide range of applications. Experts have classified its use into two categories: a) In manufacturing specialized technology b) General engineering and transportation. Here are some of the uses of Carbon Fibre:

Sporting goods: Golf shafts, tennis racquets, skis, snowboards, hockey sticks, fishing rods, bats, and bicycles.

Transport: Aerospace (aircraft brakes, antenna, support structures, etc) road and marine.

Electronic and Audio: Audio equipment, and loudspeakers for Hi-fi equipment, casings, and bases for electronic equipments.

Healthcare: Medical applications in prostheses, surgery and x-ray equipment, implants, and tendon/ligament repair.

Textile industry: Textile machinery, and general engineering.

Chemical industry: Nuclear field, valves, seals, and pump components in process plants.

Carbon Fiber Roller

Since it’s an innovative product, not many companies in India are into the manufacturing of the industrial Carbon Fibre Roller. Modern technology and expert engineers are required to produce the Carbon Fiber Idler Rollers

Carbon fiber is an ideal manufacturing material! Crafted adhering to stringent “Quality Policy”, the industry-centric innovative Carbon Fiber Roller is light in weight with low-inertia. Identical pivotal properties facilitate faster web speed, reduced vibration, and decreased waste.

The durability of the product hugely impacts business progress. Carbon fiber is tailor-made for industries. Owing to better durability in comparison to steel and aluminum, it accelerates business progress.

Why does the packaging industry employ Carbon Fiber Roller?

Carbon fiber is among the latest addition to structural materials, used to craft a broad gamut of structures. However, its properties are exemplary, making it suitable for the manufacturing sector. Our range is crafted using impeccable raw material and complies with the industry benchmarks. Brilliant performance in a host of industries, including packaging demonstrates the competency of the Light Weight Carbon Fiber Rollers

Unique Features

  • Strength – 8 to 10 times stronger than Steel and Aluminum
  • 78% lighter than Steel
  • 30-35% lighter than Aluminum
  • Rigidity- 2.5 times greater than Aluminum
  • Stiffness- Specific stiffness is high
  • Damping- Vibration damping is very low
  • Suitable for high-speed applications
  • Moment of Inertia- Low
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Thermal Expansion- very low making dimensionally very stable
  • Durable
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Electrically conductive

Packaging industries across the globe rely on carbon fibre composite rollers for a wide range of applications, including Coater/laminator, Separator, Film, nonwoven cloth, and metal leaf, Slitter, Glass substrate treatment, and printer among others.

Custom-designed Solutions

Facilitated by the modern infrastructure and expertise of an astonishing team, a few manufacturers deliver custom-designed Carbon Fiber Roller. If you are looking for an expert to offer custom-designed solutions for your manufacturing company, then let’s connect with credible Carbon Fiber Composite Idler Rollers’ manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters.