An ISO 9000 Certified Company | Since 1984

Asia's No.1 Manufacturer of Widest Range of Web Control Equipments

In India, Textile Industry is ever demanding for better quality equipments to meet high end production for domestic as well as export markets. We are India’s foremost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of web control equipments for Textile industry. Our product range for various processes like Singeing, Desizing, Impregnating, Steaming, Washing, and Dyeing etc. for textile industry includes:

Curved Bar Expander, Jointed AXLE Rubber Bow Rollers, Tube Rollers, Textile Bow Rollers, Textile HCP Rollers, Heavy NIP Rollers, S. S. Cladding Rollers, Screen Exposing Tubes, Ebonite Scroll Rollers, Guide Rollers, S. S. Scroll Rollers, S. S. Guide Rollers, Teflon Coated Rollers, Trough Rollers.We also manufacture Zero Zero Shrinking Belt for textile industry. Our SANPRO brand shrinking belts is popular for its long lasting working life at economical pricing.