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Bow Roll is known as spreader Roll, bowed Roll, Curve bar Expander, Banana Roll, Wrinkle Remover Roller, Bow rolls are accessible in hard chrome surface, elastic surface. Chrome surface bow Rolls are utilized where speed is in excess of 300 meters per minutes. 

Bow Banana Roller works when there is appropriate lead-in and lead-out distance and keep the move in legitimate twist point with web material. To do such twist point changing all rolls are provided with bow point changing worm-worm wheel gearbox with hand haggle platform bearing square, by utilization of this it is conceivable to change the bow point at 360 degree twist angle.

When the Roll get most extreme wrinkle eliminating stop the bow point changing and put the move on bow bolted position, so not do any adjustment in the bow setting. On Roll shaft bow position sign with bolt indicating the bowed situation of the Roll. 

Banana Roller Expander having extremely wide scope of measurements and appropriate for similarly wide scope of uses and web materials. They are provided with mounting sections, which could be either divider mounting or foot mounting. The expander rollers by Manufacturer, India comprise of bowed shafts, fixed metal balls, scraped area safe sleeve and metal sections. These are generally utilized as wrinkle remover gadgets in different ventures and are accessible with us in different measurements. 

Types of Bow Roll accessible with us: 

  • Rubber Sleeve Covered.

  • Metal Expander with hard chromed surface for fast application. 

  • Vary Bow Expander Roller. 

  • Sleeve Expander Roller for non-staying application. 

Application of Bow Roller includes:  

  • Single Acting Bow Roll 

  • Double Acting Bow Roll 

The Performance of our Rubber Expander Roller (Bow Rollers) relies on: 

  • Wrap point 

  • Lead-in and Lead-out distance 

  • Position of bow (Adjustable) 

In this, 3:1 (lead-in: lead-out) proportion is viewed as the ideal. The best outcomes are achieved when Bow Roller is opposite to the web course. 

Advantages of our Bow Roller are: 

  • Control Slack Edges 

  • Removes wrinkles 

  • Separate cut networks on winder 

  • Eliminates lose focus 

For 650 mm web width and web speed of under 50 meters/min a bow move of 90 mm is adequate with a shaft measurement of 30mm. For 4500 mm web width, 1000 mtrs / min speed requires least distance across of 160 mm roll and shaft breadth of 75mm or above. Bowed Roll is accessible in foot or spine mounting according to explicit prerequisites. 

  • Bow point changing worm-worm wheel gear bow with hand wheel 

  • Bow Roll with spine mounting platforms 

  • Banana Roll 

  • Rubber Coated Bow Roller 

  • Bow move with additional drive 

  • Bow Roll after cut for cut division Double Acting &Single Acting Bow Rolls 

  • Pulley Driven Metal Bow Roll 

  • Foot Mounting Bow Roll 

  • Flange Mounting Bow Roll

The Bottom Line

The Bow Banana Roller are utilized by the paper business at different degrees of creation like prior to calendaring, before pope reel, too when the size press. The techniques when Moreover, bow rollers for paper industry are additionally reasonable and encourages businesses to achieve seriousness. Other than assembling and supply rollers, we additionally fix and restore the pre-owned rollers to improve their productivity.

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