An Overview Of Air Shaft, Air chucks And Its Types- Brief InfoSummary of Our Company

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Air shafts, also known as air bars or air mandrels, are used in the manufacturing processes for fitting into a core onto which materials such as paper and plastic film are wound. The purpose of using an air shaft, is that when it is fitted onto a core, it can be easily expanded by which a quick attachment can be achieved. Air expandable shafts play a very significant role in paper and packaging industries. Its incredible features and outstanding capabilities make it a must-have tool in many industries. It consists of several beneficial features such as a slotted shaft, rubber bladders, hard and ground steel cage with ball gripper that makes it one of the best tools.

The advantage of using an air shaft is that it has the ability to grip the core without causing any damage, while also providing a positive interface to manage the web via motors & brakes. Air Shafts are available in two types – lug type (with bladder down the centre) or strip type (bladders on the periphery of the shaft). It is necessary to purchase the best air shaft from the leading air shaft supplier in India

Applications of air shafts 

You can use the air shaft at many places here are some to describe where you can use it easily. 

  • Continuous core – For the purpose of standard unwinding and rewinding applications 
  • Cantilever Air shaft – For the purpose of narrow sitting or single cores. It makes the operation of reels much easier.
  • Multi-slit air shaft – Overlapping/meeting lugs are used to supply continuous gripping for multi-slitting applications
  • Duplex slitting – A pair of shafts used in tandem winding reel in an alternative manner. The load on shafts are reduced drastically which prevents interleaving

Types Of Air Shafts

Here we described some types of the air shaft that you need to know: 

  • Lung type air shafts – Lug type Air Shafts are one of the most popular and versatile types of Air Shafts. They are available in sizes ranging from 11mm to 300mm. These kind of shafts are manufactured in Aluminium, Steel and Carbon Fibre where applicable. They are budget-friendly when it comes maintain and repairing.
  • Leaf type air shaft – A leaf Air Shaft is used when thin wall cores need sensitive but positive gripping. The design of leaf type air shaft is such that it maintains a high level of concentricity while core distortion is kept at the lowest which is achieved by gripping the core at 360°, with the leaves being made to suit the core diameter when it is expanded.
  • Strip type air shafts – This type of air shafts high strength-to-weight ratio, therefore significant weight savings are assured when compared to conventional Aluminium or Steel Air Shafts.

What Makes Arvind Rubber One Of The Best Air Shaft Suppliers In India?

Our air expanding shaft offers several unparalleled features and that is the reason we are able to stand apart in this wide industry. Mentioned below are some of the additional features which ensure smooth and comfortable working of the tool. As we understand the essence of tools in industrial operations, we are engaged in manufacturing and delivering high-class products:

  • Our air expanding shafts are especially known and admired for delivering superior performance for winding application.
  • We offer expanding shafts in the following sizes- 70mm, 76mm,101mm and 152mm CORE ID.
  • Our shafts offer the best core gripping with the widest range from heavy to light duty work.
  • Our products work smoothly and perfectly without causing any harm to the core surface.
  • Length of the shafts can be customized as per the requirement of our client (the core will be of minimum of 20mm)

Arvind Rubber is known for being one of the leading manufacturer of air shaft for the packaging industry, steel industry and paper industry. The air expanding shafts which we manufacture provides superb service in the industry. Our air expanding shaft ensure superior performance for winding application in the widest range of roll handling process. 

Being one of the best air chucks and air shaft suppliers in India, our products can easily suit the varied condition of industrial operations such as speed variations and core width variations because of its gauge variations with multicores. Our high-quality and budget-friendly range of products ensures that your industrial tools work perfectly and eliminates all the hassle. 


Arvind Rubber is known to provide several industrial products. This article is about to provide the total brief about the air shaft, air chucks, industrial rubber rollers. To use them you need to know about the application, types of the air shaft and air chucks. What is the Arvind Rubber specialty regarding the rubber roller manufacturing? All the benefits and usage are included in this article.  The shaft ensures the high class performance and give you chance to use it anywhere.

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