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The rubber roller is a most essential part of For of manufacturing and processing industries like Textile, paper, packaging and so on. The selection of rubber roller must be accurate to have desired performance. The roller has several applications in all these industries hence, it requires  special  features  and  properties  based  on  their  use.  Each  application  requires  a unique combination of properties such as abrasion, heat and chemical resistance, coefficient of  friction  properties,  hardness  and  modulus.  Even  more,  size  factor  is  also  prominent  in selection of rubber roller.   Arvind rub web controls Ltd. caters wide variety of rubber roller with impeccable quality. Each type of rubber roller is designed and manufactured in such a way that it delivers excellent performance with high durability. Their rubber rollers are diversely   available   as per customer’s requirements and applications. If you are in search of the quality rubber roller for your industry then, Arvind rub web controls ltd is the ideal choice.

The special features of the Arvind rubber rollers.

– Strong bond of rubber and metal

– Various rubber formulations

– Thermal conductivity

–  Heat resistance

– Available with range of hardness

– Resistance to compression stress

– Manufactured with advanced technology and supervised by skilled professionals

– Value for money

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