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The solution of your questions related to Air expandable shaft

What is Air expandable shaft?

A device which specifically designed to use for handling winding reels of web materials in the various continues manufacturing process. The key components of the shaft are slotted pipe, steel lugs, brass cam, ratchet etc.

Who need it?

 This device is a significant element of several continuous-process industries like packaging industry, Steel industry and paper industry.

Why need it?

Air Expandable shaft or air shaft has considerable role in web manufacturing processes. The shaft has designed in a way that it can freely expand thus achieving a rapid and firm attachment and even it can easily collapse to an easy withdrawal of the shaft after completion of any process. The shaft helps to perform uniform and seamless wounding and the unwoudning process of web materials, such as paper, plastic film and more.

 Why Arvind is trusted brand of the product?

Arvind provides the international industrial standards quality products to their international and national clients.  The cost-effective price and customized product solution make Arvind an Asian first ranked web solution manufacturing company. Even, they offer guaranteed on-time delivery and satisfactory solution of client’s query and requirements as like customized product requirement as per the application and service support. They possess state-of-art technology and modern infrastructure that enables the company to become a reliable exporter. The company believes in impeccable quality hence it has created a milestone in a wide range of Web Control Equipment industries for 3 decades.

What are the special feature of the Arvind Air shaft?

 The efficient lug design of the shaft makes the ideal shaft to enable the winding or unwinding of web material rolls with the least machine downtime. The most striking feature is of the pneumatically operated shaft are great gripping and core centring. Hence, it offers a great value of comfort while using it even at the high speed. Moreover, the non-uniform inside diameters have substantial importance because it aids the user in the handling of cores. Ultimately, the design is user-oriented.

What are the benefits of Arvind Air expandable shaft?

The first and foremost advantage is, it saves the time of loading-unloading, while using the shaft, there is no need of repositioning the shaft.

The second most benefit is the durability and top-notch performance of the shaft.

Arvind rubber offers a plethora of verities of shafts based on the environment of the application such as load, speed, core width and position.

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