Rubber Roller

Manufacturing industry surging ahead using Rubber Rollers and Nip Rollers

Over the years, the manufacturing industry has been facing issues galore to complete the production process flawlessly. Experts have been striving to leverage innovation and technology to overcome the challenges. Emerging technology has been instrumental in inventing industry-centric Rubber Rollers and Nip Rollers.

Understanding the Rubber Rollers

The business-centric Rubber Roller is being used in application wherein high degree of contact and friction. Besides, the product is being leveraged in material processing applications wherein soft touch is required. The cylindrical shape product is being trusted for a wide range of applications. For instance, in the case of printing, a hard rubber roller is leveraged to ink the type before the paper is impressed. Covered rolls on the other hand are trusted in the graphic arts industry.

Types of Rubber Rollers

Considering the requirements of the manufacturing industry, rubber rollers are available in several types, including Press Roller, Felt Guide Roller, Press Guide Roller, Cough Roller, Guide Roller, Size Press Roller, Lump Break Roller, and Bottom Press Roller among others.


The Rubber Rollers are being trusted and relied on for performing a wide range of applications, including:

  • Gravure printing (Printing)
  • Flexo graphic printing (Printing)
  • Solventless lamination (Lamination)
  • Solvent-based lamination (Lamination)
  • Extrusion lamination (Hard chrome plated rollers)
  • Adhesive coating (Hard chrome plated rollers)
  • Tape line / Woven sack (Silicon rollers)
  • Blown film line(Silicon rollers)
  • Bopp/polyester line (Palletizer rollers)
  • Pelletize machine(Palletizer rollers)

Industries using the Rubber Roller 

Considering the positive impact of Rubber Rollers in the manufacturing sector, several industries are leveraging the new age product, including packaging, paper, plywood, tyre, and steel.

Understanding the Nip Roller 

The Nip Rollers are integral to offset printing. Their significance can be imagined from the fact that offset printing can’t be imagined without leveraging their application. Why? Experts believe that the technology-driven product both transports and processes the ink and fountain solution. Modern technology carries out the process flawlessly, mixing components; ink and water under pressure during the printing process and gives birth to a new solution.

Salient features

The Nip Rollers are identified with a few salient features. Consider these features before making a decision:

  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Brilliant squeezing efficiency
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Heat and chemical resistance
  • Endures harsh weather conditions


Industrial Nip Rollers are being leveraged for a wide range of applications. These include Bleaching, Mercerize, Dyeing Padder, Washing Range, and Santer Padder among others.

Industrial use

The product is being leveraged extensively in the textile industry for Rotogravure Printing Machine and Slitting Machine.

Custom Rubber Rollers 

At the outset, let’s make an honest attempt to comprehend the term “Custom”. Companies galore use the term custom-designed. So, what does it mean? Custom-designed is technical expertise gained after spending a vast period in a particular field. Does it mean experience enables in building custom-designed solutions? To some extent, it may be true. However, the fact is – apart from proven hands-on experience, the company requires state-of-the-art infrastructures to offer custom-designed solutions.

Custom-built solutions are developed to fulfill the unique requirement of a particular company. Specifications of the product are taken into consideration. The designing team enters into a dialogue with the company, understands their business and requirement. After considering a wide range of issues, a design prototype of custom-designed Rubber Roller is proposed. Upon approval from the client’s end, the design is forwarded to the manufacturing engineers. That’s how custom-designed rubber rollers are manufactured.

Give importance to quality 

Being an industrialist, your foremost priority is the continued growth of your business. It can’t be imagined with mediocre products, be it industrial Rubber Roller or Nip Roller. We are making a humble effort to broaden your knowledge base. Never compromise with the quality. Only source quality-driven products, that too from acclaimed manufacturers. A lackadaisical approach could prove out to be disastrous for your business.

About Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd

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