Bowed Roller

What Makes Bow Banana Rollers Suitable for Wide Applications?

Removing wrinkles is a very challenging job for almost all industries. It is not at all a small piece of toast as it seems. As a common man can’t carry on with this job, it is preferable to carry on the job with a high-quality roller. 

It will no doubt be an ideal choice in terms of separating slit webs and eliminating web wrinkles. A suitable bow banana roller comprises a wide range of dimensions and is suitable for numerous applications. 

What are the Components of an Expander Roller?

The mounting brackets may be either wall mounting or foot mounting. The exclusively manufactured expander roller comprises of the following components:

  • Bowed shafts
  • Abrasion-resistant sleeve
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Metallic segments

The rollers are supplied along with a set of gears and mounting brackets. These brackets may be either wall or foot mounted. 

What are the Technical Specifications of Bow Banana Rollers?

At the time of purchasing banana bow rollers, it is better to go with the one that comprises the ratio of 3:1. For best results, it must be ensured that bow rollers are perpendicular to web directions. 

Technical specifications that must be looked at prior to purchasing banana bow rollers include the following:

  • The roller must be covered with a high-quality sleeve made up of synthetic nitride
  • The metal expander must be manufactured with a hard chrome surface. It ensures speedy application
  • The sleeve expander will be suitable for non-sticking applications
  • Single and double acting banana rolls

The overall performance of a rubber bow roller depends on the wrapping angle, the adjustable position of the bow, the distance between lead-in and lead-out.

Having a close look at specifications carefully will help a lot in choosing the right type of roller for your industrial applications. 

Highly Remarkable Benefits of Using Banana Rollers

There are exclusive benefits in association with banana rollers apart from removing wrinkles. Some of the highly remarkable ones are:

  • Helpful in controlling of slack edges
  • Can help in separating slit webs available on the winder
  • Rubber bow roller helps in eliminating baggy center.
  • Helps in evening out lateral tensions all across the width of the web

spreader roller is used in various industries that include the plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, material handling and many more. The roller will be of great help in controlling tension and edging of fabric, rewinding and unwinding. Hence, having a suitable roller will help in shortening the task in any industry.