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Indiaplast Exhibation 2019

INDIAPLAST 2019 International Plastic, Packaging, Printing, Rubber Industries 5/5 (1)


In India, Plastic is being one of the most trending industry and worldwide. India is evolving as a leading hub for plastics manufacturing and processing. The progress demands a professional gathering of all Plastics manufacturers and dealers in India and showcases the magnitude of this sector.  Hence, INDIAPLAST, being a renowned exhibition, is a substantial platform for major associations, organizations, and institutions connected with plastics, with collective objectives to promote the development of the plastics industry and to assist its growth and associated materials. Even more, it emphasizes to provide a stage to the Indian plastic industry in order to become a key source of plastic products around the world.

Since 1984, Arvind Rub Web controls ltd has participated in INDIAPLAST to manifest the range of its products. The upcoming INDIAPLAST2019, the company will not break the practice to be one of the oldest exhibitors with their upgraded products. It has also contributed to more than 32+ international exhibitions and myriad domestic ones too. The organizer of the exhibition has awarded the company as the best exhibitor. It is an ISO certified manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a various range of web control equipment. The company is far-famed for Quick Change Sleeves, Rubber Sleeves, Rubber Rollers, Bow Banana Roller, Rubber Grooved Spreader Rollers and much more other products.  It has above 1400 contended clients in all the segments around the globe for many decades. The exhibition is beneficial for Plastic, Packaging, Printing and Rubber industries to create a new gateway for Interaction, Inspiration & Innovation.  Do visit the stall at the exhibition to get details about the company and experience the premium quality products and services.

Key benefits of the event:

–    Explore the latest product made from plastic or similar material `

–    Live demonstrations

–    Get Technical information

–    Develop Professional connections

–    Expand business

–    Have a collective beneficial meeting

Stall Location: HALL NO. 14 | STALL NO. B-18

Venue: India expo centre, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR

Dates: 28th February- 4th March 2019

If you would like to schedule some time, reach out on swing by HALL NO. 14 | STALL NO. B-18 during the event.

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Replace the ordinary bow banana roller with Arvind rubber bow roller and experience the difference. 5/5 (1)

Rubber Bowed rollers are enormously used in several industries like paper, packaging and many more. But why it is necessary to use this type of bow banana roller? The importance of bow banana rolls is to spread the web (process material) and keep it flat during several processes in web production equipment. The application is not limited for spreading or flattening of the web but it should also without any common errors. The spreading that occurs when bowed rolls are in place help to widen the web, separate slit webs prior to winding and eliminate wrinkles, creases and fold-overs. But, this requirement is not an easy task to achieve. If roller was not properly designed or manufactured then it gives a poor quality of work like wrinkles, shrank width and baggy centres. Hence, selection of roller is crucial to avoid such inaccuracies and give the best performance. It is quite challenging for a manufacturer and for a designer to make such type of roller to give a simultaneous high performance of multiple tasks.

Arvind rubber is the first ranked manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the high-quality product worldwide. Engineering and production team of Arvind rubber works round the clock to design and manufacture a perfect expander roller. The rubber expander roller is manufactured with consideration of key technicalities like wrap angle, bow angle and Lead –in lead-out distance. Sometimes, the roller is used in wet condition, if ordinary rollers will use the result will be a failure of the roller and defective web material. Arvind rub web control has crafted the roller which is compatible in dry as well as in wet environments. The high graded material which has properties like erosion resistance, temperature & chemical resistance is used to make it.  Even, these web rollers are appropriate for thin films and substrates like laminating paper, foil, and films. Moreover, the roller has wall mounting and foot mounting brackets with bow angle adjustment mechanism. It has special an innovative groove to enable give the best output. One secret is that if the roller is placed perpendicular to the web direction then the result will be incredible. Leave the ordinary one and select Arvind bowed roller for amazing outcomes.

The Significant features of the Arvind rubber bow rollers :

  • Accurate dimension
  • Highly Efficient
  • Great industrial chemical resistant
  • Remarkable abrasion resistant
  • Excellent Thermal resistant
  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Superb surface finish

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