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Why do manufacturing companies prefer carbon fiber rollers?

Over the years, carbon fiber roller has assumed significance in manufacturing industries, riding on its incredible features and properties. In this manufacturing industry-centric blog, we are going to highlight about this exceptional product.Moving forward, let’s first understand the product, since the blog revolves around the product. 

Carbon Fiber Rollers Manufacturer
Carbon Fiber Rollers Manufacturer

Learning about the carbon fiber   

According to industry experts, carbon fiber dates back to 1879. Famous innovator Thomas Edison baked cotton threads on bamboo silvers at high temperatures, leading to carbonization and the formation of an all-carbon-fiber filament. Carbon is at the center stage in the production of the roller. Therefore, it makes sense to understand carbon fiber at the outset.  

Carbon fiber is fundamentally a polymer. It is also famous for graphite fiber. It is fabricated using thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon. Coming to properties, it is an extremely strong material, five times stronger than steel and twice tough, at the same time light in weight, making it ideal for manufacturing carbon fiber rollers.     

Carbon Fiber Roller  

From the basics, let’s now move toward the core subject. The roller is manufactured using high-end carbon fiber. Given the properties and features of the product, it is used by a wide range of manufacturing industries     

Unique features 

  • Strength – 8 to 10 times stronger than Steel and Aluminum 
  • 78% lighter than Steel 
  • 30-35% lighter than Aluminum
  • Rigidity- 2.5 times greater than Aluminum
  • Suitable for high-speed applications
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant 
  • Thermal Expansion- very low making dimensionally very stable
  • Durable 

The incredible carbon-fiber rubber roller facilitates faster web speed, reduces vibration, and decreases waste.   

The energy-efficient product 

With Carbon fiber at the core of the roller, it is light in weight. Subsequently, optimizes energy efficiency without compromising the performance and quality of the product.      

Additional properties  

In addition to the aforementioned unique features, the exceptional product has many other additional properties, including:     

  • It offers a high coefficient of friction  
  • It can swiftly return to its original shape and dimension, even when its shape gets distorted during the manufacturing process   
  • Offers resistance to chemical substances 
  • It acts as a shield and protects the roller core and shaft   
  • It prevents damages that may occur by scratching and bumping   
  • The product has the competency to overcome and compensate for the small changes in machine precision     

Idealfor the manufacturing industries  

Being an owner of a packaging company, you are looking for a carbon fiber roller that is easy to install, requires less maintenance, and is sturdy and durable. End your search with Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd.          

low maintenance, durable, dimensionally accurate, sturdy design, and easy to install among others.   

Industrial use 

The innovative product is perfect for the Packaging industry.   

Custom-made carbon fiber roller  

A few companies in Ahmedabad, India hold the expertise to deliver custom-made rollers. Dimensional accuracy, specification, shape, and size impact the production output. Subsequently, industry experts emphasize using the flawless product, else industry owners have the option to choose a custom-made product. The objective is – never to settle for quality.        


The emergence of carbon fiber is a blessing in disguise. Plenty of industries are drawing benefits from the product. Yet, you are recommended to procure products from prominent industrial manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India. In this era of technology, finding a reputed manufacturer is just a click away!