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Variable Bow Rollers

• Rubber/Metal expander rollers are available with Bow Mechanism
• Blow adjustment Mechanical/Hydraulic device to control the position of bow as required to get optimum result


Product Description

Variable bow rollers are used in various industries like paper industry, textile, and packaging for freeing the web material from the wrinkles.

Arvind Rubber is a leading manufacturer of mechanical and hydraulic variable bow rollers in a high range of sizes. Our bow rollers are suitable to use in all different sections of the paper industry including dryer, press section, wire section, coating machine, size press and others.

The variable bow rollers are consisting of abowed shaft, rubber sleeve, ball bearings, and metal segments.

Under this segment, we offer rubber or metal expander rollers in India and are also an exporter of wide range of varieties. The rollers with bow mechanism are made to deliver optimum performance as a hydraulic or mechanical device are made to control and adjust the position of the bow.

Arvind Rubber is one of the most recognized suppliers and exporter of a high range of expander and banana rollers at affordable prices. All the rollers are manufactured at its own production plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat under strict quality compliances.