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Tube Rollers

  • Speciality Rubber Rollers for mercerizing Machines


  • Excellent physical properties to withstand Heat & chemicals
  • Proper surface treatments for excellent rubber- metal bonding
  • Special covering for excellent stability against wear

Product Description

Arvind Rubber is an extremely well-known manufacturer and supplier’s of  Rubber Tube Rollers in India As well as Abroad.

With an advanced and well-equipped manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with years of experience in the industry, we are also supplying tube rollers to the customers in foreign countries. We are able to meet any type of requirement of the tube rollers.

Our large-scale production facilities and capabilities enable us to offer tube/hollow rollers at very affordable prices. We also supply tube rollers to Textile industries as per customer’s speciation and requirement.

Our rollers are perfect for mercerizing machines. The tube rubber rollers manufactured by us having remarkable resistance against chemicals and heat.

The rollers comprise special covering to offer longer shell life and protection against wear and tear. The shell surface of the rollers is exposed to the excellent treatments for ensuring rubber-metal bonding.

We are also supplying a variety of other rollers most suitable for the textile industry.