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Rubber Grooved Spreader Rollers

  • Now, very popularly used on film plant
  • Ideal for very delicate web like metalize film
  • Individual groove type RH & LH
  • Two or four start scroll type RH & LH

Product Description

Rubber Grooved Spreader Rollers are used for fine films in the packaging industry. Arvind Rubber is a major supplier of film plant rubber rollers in India.

The industrial rollers are manufactured at its own production unit in Ahmedabad. The company is a popular choice for rubber grooved spreader rollers in Gujarat and other states in India.

We are also an exporter of the rollers used in wide range of industries like paper, textile, packaging, and printing. Our products are precisely manufactured with well-finished uniform grooves for the best non-slipping application.

The grooved rollers are an affordable option for applications like wrinkle-removing and neat spreading. These are considered the best rollers for the delicate web. Likewise other types, the rubber grooved spreader rollers are innovatively designed to remove wrinkling on the films.

Its application also helps in keeping the films free from creases in future. The rollers are made from durable raw materials to give along-lasting performance.