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Metal Bow Banana / Expander Roller

Expanders / Bow Rollers/ Spreader Rollers

  • Diameter: Up to 400mm
  • Width: Up to : 11000mm
  • Running speed : Up to2500mpm

Key Properties:

  • Removes wrinkles
  • Achieves full width of the web
  • Eliminates baggy centers
  • Controls slack edges
  • Separates slit webs on winder
  • Even out lateral tension across the web width


  • Before Pope Reel
  • Before Calendars
  • Before Size press
  • Felt
  • Slitter Rewinder
  • Before Slit and after Slit
  • Coater/Dryer
  • Paper Sheet Cutters

Product Description

Arvind Rubber is one of the largest supplier and exporter of metal bow banana rollers in India. The company is terribly famous as a manufacturer of industrial rollers for several industries.

The metal expanders  rollers we manufacture are made out of high-grade quality checked raw material at our own in-house manufacturing facility.

The metal bow rollers are available for immediate delivery in different standard diameters, shapes, thickness, and lengths.

Highly durable metallic nature and best efficiency with longer durability make them popular in various applications in the paper industry. The rollers are widely used in paper industrial machinery like calendars, slitter re-winders, paper sheet cutters, etc.

With hard chrome metallic surface, the rollers are best to use for speedy applications. The strong material and construction keep the rollers well-maintained and intact even during high-speed applications.

The rollers are mostly used perpendicularly to the web direction to obtain the best performance.

The heaviness, sturdiness, and bearable nature even in speedy operations make them popular for the industrial uses in different industries.