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Lamination Rubber Roller

Unique Features

  • High memory power
  • Chemical rubber bonding
  • Shrink fit design
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Post curing process to enhance rubber quality
  • Robust design


  • Dynamic balancing at G2.5
  • Maintain RA value
  • No ebonite junction


  • Lamination plant
  • Solvent-based lamination
  • Solventless lamination
  • Extrusion lamination


  • Packaging
  • Paper


Industrial Lamination Rubber Roller

World-renowned Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Lamination Rubber Roller

Lamination Rollers Manufacturer

Staying true to its reputation, Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd. manufactures quality-driven industrial Laminated Rubber Roller. Stringent “Quality Policy” in place remains at the core of the manufacturing process. The three-stage inspection for quality lends excellent features. Checks and balances ensure flawless product matching global standards.

Owing to adherence to quality parameters, the unmatched range of Laminated Rubber Roller demonstrates prominent features like Uniform Hardness all over the surface within +/- 1 Shore A, excellent rubber surface finish without porosity, and maintain RA value among others.

A host of industries trust and rely on the product to conduct a range of applications seamlessly, including solvent-less lamination and extrusion lamination.

Why our range is the best

In this era of cut-throat competition, manufacturing companies, including paper and packaging can’t afford to compromise on quality. The rise of tons of companies from scratch to world-renowned validates the fact. Our quality-driven range wholly complies with the global standards and facilitates companies in staying ahead of competitors.


Offering custom-built solutions is one of our unmatched competencies. Not many companies can boast of the modern infrastructure and expertise to develop custom-built solutions. Backed by the unprecedented experience of four decades, and the expertise of an astonishing team onboard, we offer custom-built industrial Laminated Rubber Roller.