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Heavy Nip & Padding Rollers


  • Bleaching
  • Mercerize
  • Dyeing Padder
  • Washing Range
  • Stenter Padder


  • Excellent abrasion & wear resistance.
  • Excellent squeezing efficiency. A special covering ensure excellent heat & chemical resistance.
  • Excellent impact resistance in variable condition which extend service life.
  • A special roller covering ensure excellent heat & chemical resistance.

Product Description

Heavy Nips Ebonite Rollers:

  • Ebonite covering designed for good covering strength and excellent toughness.
  • Good resistance to moderate chemicals and mild acids
  • Good heat resistance

Heavy Nips Rubber rollers:

  • Rubber roller made of different compound as per application and working environment.
  • Made to suit in different working condition under mechanical load for batter squeezing efficiency.
  • Resistance to chemical substances and protects the roller core and shaft.
  • Stable strength, Uniform hardness which extend service life of roller.

We are tagged as major manufacturer and exporter of vast range of Heavy Nip Rollers for Textile industry. We believe that quality speaks itself about the product. Considering different application which meets modern and latest industrial activity of textile industry we have designed nip rollers with most modern technical features. Our Heavy nip rollers are efficiently used in Bleaching, Washing, Mercerizing, Dying machine and other processing machines e.g Stenters. Different Rollers are  design to meet  customer’s requirement. These Rollers made for better abrasion resistance also provide good wear and tear resistance for effective performance.

It is preferably used for its excellent squeezing efficiency and for its long lasting service life. It is provide with ebonite covering design to offer best covering strength and extra toughness. It is also made to work efficiently with moderate chemicals and mild acids. It also offers good heat resistance.

We are leading manufacturers and Exporters of HEAVY Nip rollers for various textile industries. We supply different types of Heavy Nip rollers as per customer’s requirement, specification and application. These rollers perform and proven for excellent squeezing efficiency and long lasting service life in variable atmospheric condition.

In India, Textile Industry is ever demanding for better quality equipments to meet high end production line for domestic as well as export markets. We are India’s foremost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of web control equipments for Textile industry. Our product range for various processes like Singeing, Desizing, Impregnating, Bleaching (PTR), Mercerize Range, Stenter m/c,Washing, and Dyeing etc. for textile industry. Following products also included:

Curved Bar Expander, Jointed AXLE Rubber Bow Rollers, Tube Rollers, Textile Bow Rollers, Textile HCP Rollers, Heavy NIP Rollers, S. S. Cladding Rollers, Screen Exposing Tubes, Ebonite & SS Scroll Rollers, Guide Rollers, S. S. Scroll Rollers, S. S. Guide Rollers, Teflon Coated Rollers, Trough Rollers, Anti Deflection roller.

We also manufacture Zero Zero Shrinking Belt for textile industry. Our SANPRO brand shrinking belts is popular for its long lasting working life at economical pricing.