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Bow Banana Rollers for Paper Industry

Expanders / Bow Rollers/ Spreader Rollers

  • Diameter: Up to 400mm
  • Width: Up to : 11000mm
  • Running speed : Up to2500mpm

Key Properties:

  • Removes wrinkles
  • Achieves full width of the web
  • Eliminates baggy centers
  • Controls slack edges
  • Separates slit webs on winder
  • Even out lateral tension across the web width


  • Before Pope Reel
  • Before Calendars
  • Before Size press
  • Felt
  • Slitter Rewinder
  • Before Slit and after Slit
  • Coater/Dryer
  • Paper Sheet Cutters

Product Description

Arvind Rubber produces best quality bow rollers for thepaper industry and leads the market by supplying to more than 85% of the paper industry in India.

We are a recognized manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of rubber bow rollers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Customers are ensured timely supply of the products for various applications like wrinkle removing rollers and spreader rollers for thepaper industry.

With many years of experience of serving paper industry, we also keep abreast with the latest technologies. Our bow rollersare wonderful anti-crease devices and give excellent performance with speed of maximum 2500 mpm.

Arvind Rubber offers abroad spectrum of banana rollers in different sizes right from 400 mm to 11000 mm to suit avariety of applications in paper industry. The paper rubber expander rollers are mainly used to remove wrinkles with theutmost finishing, give a complete width to the web. It efficiently removes the baggy centres and control sideways.

The rollers are used by the paper industry at various levels of production like before calendaring, before pope reel, as well before and after the size press.

The procedures when Moreover, bow rollers for paper industry are also affordable and helps industries to attain competitiveness. Besides manufacturing and supply rollers, we also repair and refurbish the used rollers to improve their efficiency.