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Rubber Bow Banana / Expander / Spreader Roller

  • No Wrinkles
  • No shrunk width
  • No baggy centers
  • No slackdges

 The performance of rubber expander rollers depend upon:

  • Lead –in lead-out distance
  • Wrap angle
  • Position of Bow (adjustable) 3:1 lead-in : lead-out ratio is considered to be the best. However, lead out distance prefer ably should not be more than 3 times of expander roller diameter. Bow roller positioned perpendicular to the web direction gives best result.
  • Commonly useful for wide range of web materials
  • Wall mounting and foot mounting brackets with bow angle adjustment mechanism
  • Diameter up 300 mm, length up to 8000 mm

Product Description

Arvind Rubber is a market leader in the supply of high-quality bow rollers for the packaging industry. We are a leading manufacturer of bow rollers in India.

The products comprise a plethora of rotating components for the printing and packaging industry. The Banana rollers are also known as wrinkle removing rollers and spreader rollers. They are most suitable to use for dry as well wet processing.

The rollers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility in Ahmedabad. These web spreaders are also best applicable for thin films and substrates. It features live shaft and dead shaft configurations and are flexible to place at different points along the line.

The products we supply are used for laminating paper, foil, and films by the packaging industry. We are supplier and exporter of bow rollers for the packaging processes serving the customers on the global platform.

The rollers are designed with an innovative groove to give the best performance. The rollers are highly resistant to industrial chemicals, high temperature, and corrosive elements.