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Bottom Cutting Knife Holding Shaft

  • For High Speed Slitter Rewinder & sheet Cutter
  • Pneumatically Operated
  • Achieves Perfect Paper Width in high speed slitter rewinder
  • Reduce change over time
  • Reduce setting time
  • Operator friendly design
  • Working efficiently in leading paper mills.
  • Available in ANY required size.

Product Description

Arvind Rubber is an established manufacturer and exporter of bottom knife holding shaft in India. The company is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with its full-fledged manufacturing facilities.

The bottom air shaft is used in paper industry for high-speed sheet cutter. It is also used widely for the slitter rewinder.

The bottom cutting shaft is a pneumatically based roll that is designed to attain a perfect width of the paper. The shaft is extremely easy to operate and works effectively in the paper mills.

We can supply bottom cutting knife holding shaft in various sizes. We are thesupplier of high-quality shafts for many years and the products are widely accepted in the local as well global market.

The products are supplied in standard as well customized sizes as per your requirements.

Arvind Rubber is the topmost supplier of the bottom knife holding shafts, rollers, and core holding devices. Superior quality products are available at affordable prices for all different applications in the paper industry.