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What is so special about the bowed rollers? Why does a wide range of manufacturing companies use the roller in their manufacturing line?

Dear Readers, the above expressions are enough to give a hint about the topic of this blog. In this concise and engaging business blog, we are going to share a few important points related to the product

What is a banana roller?

At the outset, it’s important to learn about the product. Subsequently, we will move towards other important subjects.

In common man’s language, and industrial roller that has a unique design inspired by natural fruit, banana is known as banana roller. In industry corridors, it is known by several other names, including bow rolls, bow expander roller, bowed rollers, etc.

According to industry experts, most of the expander rolls are driven by web tension itself. The product doesn’t require any extra drive.

Salient features of the roll

Moving forward, in this section, our focus will revolve around the salient features of the roll. When you take a decision to buy this product, don’t forget to remember these salient features. These include:

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • High tensile strength

  • Resistant to wear and tear

  • Resistant to scratching and bumping

  • High coefficient of friction

  • Width stays static

  • Simple to install

In addition, the industrial roll requires low maintenance and demonstrates brilliant durability.

Trust the market leaders with proven track-record only

There are a few features that vary from company to company. To make the gray picture clear, I would like to use an example. Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd., a pioneer in the industry with several firsts to its credit provides an excellent range of rubber expander rollers. Their range of products has been acclaimed for low maintenance, excellent performance, and durability.

Do you think an ordinary business-centric roller manufacturer has the potential and technical competency to manufacture an excellent range of rubber expander rollers? The point here is – never take a decision in haste. Haste could jeopardize your production line and in turn business. None of the businessmen wants that to happen.


Now coming on to another important feature, applications of the industrial rollers. The rubber expander rollers have found applications in various manufacturing processes. These include:

  • Manufacturing

  • Processing

  • Printing

  • Laminating

  • Coating

  • Batching

  • Winding

  • Re-winding.

Industries using the banana roller

The technically sound rubber expander rollers are being used in a wide range of industries, these include:

  • Textile processing machines

  • Plastic converting machines

  • Paper industries

Custom-made products

A few companies in India are offering custom-made rubber expander rollers. If your business requires a tailor-made design to meet your manufacturing process’ demand and challenges, then you are recommended to connect with a company that provides custom-designed solutions. Instead of compromising on specifications, get the precise product, from the expert manufacturers in Gujarat, India.

Let’s connect for a mutually beneficial partnership

Driven by a visionary approach, Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd. made a humble beginning in 1984. From a modest foray, over the years, the excellence-focused company has established itself as an indisputable industry leader with several industries first to its credits.

"Excellence means setting benchmarks, without telling others", this adage has been at the center of our corporate strategy. Starting with mere two industrial rollers in the beginning, over the years, we have thrived from the wealth of experience and now boast of 100+ product range and presence in 52+ countries!

Our quality-focused, industry-centric product range includes industrial rubber/ebonite/metal rollers, bow rollers (rubber/metal expanders), ink pumps, edge guider, bottom cutting shaft, rubber sleeve, hcp rollers, air expandable shaft, and core saver/core restorer among others.

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