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In this business-centric blog, our focus will revolve around the aluminum roller, its salient features and why do companies prefer the roller? But, before we move ahead and take a deep dive into the important subject, its definition assumes significance.

What is hard anodizing?

Hard anodizing is the term identified to express the functional refinement of aluminum components in the form of the anode. Scientifically, the process is also defined as hard coat anodizing. Under the process, a very thin, non-metallic conversion coating gets created over the base metal. Base material and its parts become fully integrated with the coating. As a result, high bonding of the anodic layer gets developed.

Impact and effect of the new age roller

To enhance production, manufacturing companies across India are emphasizing using the excellence-driven hard-anodized aluminum roller. The roller helps in enhancing the production line. Why do companies give preference to industrial rolls made of aluminum? There are sufficient reasons to prefer metal over other metals.

According to industry experts, the anodized roller is chemically stable. At the same time, since the anodizing process is a reinforcement of a naturally occurring oxide process, it the roller is non-hazardous and produces no harmful or dangerous by-products.

Prominent features and advantages

Before deciding on your business, you should get aware of the impact the roller brings along with it when deployed at the manufacturing site. Over the years, hard-anodized aluminum roller manufacturing in India has witnessed a positive growth. The reasons are obvious.

There are a few features that make the roller stand out from the crowd. In this space, we are sharing a few advantages that will expand your knowledge about the critical roller.

  • Durability

  • Maintenance

  • Cost-effective

  • Environment-friendly

  • Corrosion-resistant


The majority of parts of the metal show no wear or tear during installation. As a result, the roller depicts tremendous durability.


The hard-anodized aluminum roller requires the least maintenance. Money saved is money earned! Businesses the world over prefer products that require the least maintenance. Due to continuous use, the roller may appear shabby with dust and oily particles all over it. You will be shocked to learn that cleaning with liquid with detergent will restore the roller to its original look and appearance.


It has been proved that anodizing is cost-effective, so are rollers. The least maintenance validates the fact. In addition, since it depicts high durability, it minimizes replacement cost.


Anodizing process is an environment-friendly industrial process as it results in the least residues, at the same time. It’s not harmful to human life.


Under the anodizing process, a thicker oxidized surface gets created over the base metal. As a consequence, the roller demonstrates high corrosion resistance and the least wear and tear.

In recent years, the emergence of technology and innovation has led to numerous industry-centric changes. Companies that are engaged in hard-anodized aluminum roller manufacturing in India aren’t lagging. Using modern tools and technology, companies are manufacturing business-tailored anodized aluminum rollers.

Why Arvind!

Driven by a visionary approach, Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd. made a humble beginning in 1984. From a modest foray, over the years, the excellence-focused company has established itself as an indisputable industry leader with several industry first to its credits. "Excellence means setting benchmarks, without telling others", this adage has been at the center of our corporate strategy.

Our quality-focused, industry-centric product range includes industrial rubber/ebonite/metal rollers, hard-anodized aluminum roller, bow rollers (rubber/metal expanders), ink pumps, edge guider, bottom cutting shaft, rubber sleeve, hcp rollers, lug type air shaft, and core saver/core restorer among others.

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