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Over the years, technology has evolved extensively. Its impact can be observed in a wide range of manufacturing industries, including packaging, steel, paper, etc. Manufacturing processes are being redefined and redesigned leveraging the new age technology. Air Shaft, an integral part of a wide range of industries hasn’t remained unaffected.

Before making a deep dive into the significant subject, let’s do

Understanding Air Shaft

As mentioned earlier, an Air Shaft is a mechanical device or machine integral to the manufacturing sector. The device is also known in the industry circles as “Air Mandrels",”“Air Bars,” and “Air Expanding Shaft”. So, next time when your engineer friend asks you about Air Expanding Shaft, then don’t get puzzled by the name. It’s just another name for Air Shaft.

The device is being used during the manufacturing process for fitting the core onto material surfaces, materials such as paper, card, and plastic film are wound there. Since being expandable, it’s embedded with swift and firm attachment features. Concurrently, during the process of fitting into a core, when the winding of the product gets completed, it’s ready for deflation function, which helps in easy removal of the shaft.

An Air Shaft is tailor-made for handling winding reels in the processing of web-fed materials.

Why does the Air Shaft called an Air Expanding Shaft?

This is again an important question often raised. It’s high time to unravel the mystery. The reason is – on fitting into a core, due to design and functionality; the product can be easily expanded. As captured earlier, the device can be easily deflated in order to remove the shaft once the winding of the product is through.

The technology-driven design has further lifted the efficiency, making them ideal for mounting onto bearing housings. It facilitates smooth winding and unwinding of rolls of stock material, at the same time minimum of equipment downtime.


There are two types of Air Shaft:

Lug Type Air Shaft:It contains an inflatable rubber tube inside.

Multi Tube Air Shaft: It contains multiple bladders outside.

Depending on their industrial requirements, industries can choose the Air Shaft. The expertise of a reputed Air Shaft Manufacturer can be leveraged while choosing your industry-centric product.

Advantages of Air Shaft for manufacturing

Before moving to advantages, here’s a pivotal reason to leverage the device. It’s efficient in griping the core, without causing any damage, at the same time lends a remarkable interface to control the web with the support of motors & brakes.

As far as efficiency is concerned, it can be determined from the fact that the product is reliable to be used on a wide range of converting machines. Don’t assume that the description is a kind of glorification of the widely used product. A slitting machine or slitter rewinder is a classic example to depict the significance of the industrial product. Using the Air Shaft, the slitting machine fabricates large rolls of material into smaller rollers and pieces.

The latest technology embeds a brilliant feature into the device, it’s efficient to amend according to speed variations and core widths.


With the objective to make the product user-friendly, its design and operation have been kept uncomplicated. It doesn’t require a skilled person to operate. It’s easy to install. Design and material may vary from one Air Shaft Manufacturer to another.

Custom-built designs

A few Air Expanding Shaft, Manufacturers, India hold the expertise to offer a custom-built solution. Search engine support can be derived to reach out to experts offering custom-built designs.


Quality makes all the difference. Never negotiate with quality. While buying a product, ensure the credibility of the air shaft manufacturer.

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