What is a rubber roller, and its benefit for manufacturing industries?Summary of Our Company

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In this industry-centric blog, we will be focusing on an important industrial product, the rubber roller, its benefits and advantages, and rubber roller manufacturer among others.

Over the years technology has evolved a lot, helping manufacturing companies to streamline their production process and get better. Rubber rolls manufacturing hasn’t remained unaffected. Over time, it has also changed.

At the outset, it makes sense to understand the basics of the product. It will help us to connect with the blog better.

Learning about the rubber roller

Simply put, a rubber roller is a product comprising of an inner round shaft made of iron, steel, aluminum, allow, or carbon fiber. This scientifically designed roller is covered by an outer layer of elastomer compounds. As far as the outer layer is concerned, it is generally manufactured from a polymer, like polyurethane, silicone, EPDM, neoprene, and natural rubber.

Salient features of the product

This product is identified with numerous salient features, including:

  • It offers a high coefficient of friction

  • It can swiftly return to its original shape and dimension, even when its shape gets distorted during the manufacturing process

  • Resistant to chemical substances

  • It acts as a shield and protects the roller core and shaft

  • It prevents damages that may occur by scratching and bumping

  • The product has the competency to overcome and compensate for the small changes in machine precision

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Furthermore, the product also offers the following properties:

  • As a dielectric

  • As an insulator

  • As a conductor

  • As a semi-conductor

  • As a high-release material

Physical properties and other characteristics of rubber rolls

According to experts, the product is identified with numerous physical properties and characteristics. It occurs due to the molecular structure. Rubbers are fundamentally polymers with high elastic nature, the result of crosslinking of long polymer chains into amorphous structures. Their molecular structure helps them resist any kind of damage during application. Therefore, it is a durable product.

Hardness: The harder the surface of the rubber rolls, the tougher it is to compress or penetrate or distort. Also, it resists any attempt to deform it during application.

Abrasion resistance: It is an abrasion-resistant product.

Impact resistance: This product repels any kind of impact due to a sudden fall or hit. The elasticity of the rubber material makes it possible.

Compression set: The product shows high compression set during application. Low compression set means, it will lose resiliency fast.

Tear strength: This is again an important property of the product. It shows the competency of the rubber lining to endure the application of tensile forces.

Endures low temperature: The product is tailor-made to endure low temperature and therefore protects itself from becoming brittle.

Aging resistance: Over time, due to use, the product loses strength and elasticity kind of characteristics. However, an excellent product depicts high aging resistance. Thus, has high durability.

Industrial applications

Let’s now move towards the applications.

  • Gravure printing (Printing)

  • Flexo graphic printing (Printing)

  • Solventless lamination (Lamination)

  • Solvent-based lamination (Lamination)

  • Extrusion lamination (Hard chrome plated rollers)

  • Adhesive coating (Hard chrome plated rollers)

  • Tape line / Woven sack (Silicon rollers)

  • Blown film line (Silicon rollers)

  • Bopp/polyester line (Palletizer rollers)

  • Pelletize machine (Palletizer rollers)

Industries using the product

The rubber rolls are used in numerous industries, including:

  • Packaging

  • Paper

  • Plywood

  • Tyre

  • Steel

A leading rubber roller manufacturer has the competency to deliver your industry-centric product.

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