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In this blog, we are going to focus on steel roller, a highly significant product in the manufacturing industry. How does the product benefit a variety of industries?

Before we move forward, let’s learn about the product.

What is a steel roller?

Steel rollers are designed using high-grade stainless steel. These are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from converting to processing.

Unique features of steel roller

In this section, we are going to highlight the unique features of the product. Here are the features of an excellence-driven product:

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • High tensile strength

  • Resistant to wear and tear

  • Resistant to scratching and bumping

  • High coefficient of friction

  • Width stays static

  • Simple to install

Importance of tensile strength

This is one of the remarkable features of a quality-driven product. The steel rollers, you are about to buy should reflect high tensile strength. For the unaware, we would like to define tensile strength in simple words. It means the maximum stress a material or product can bear before breaking.

How does easy installation help?

When we say simply to install means, your workers don't require specific training to operate and install the product. Anyone from your production unit can install and commission the product. Yet, you can connect with the manufacturer to learn more about the product, its operation, and its installation.


The steel rollers are available in various dimensions. Make sure you place an order for the perfect product. Here we are sharing the specifications of the industrial SS rolls manufactured by Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd., a prominent industrial roller manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of India.

  • Available sizes – 100 mm to 6000 mm

  • Thickness – 12 mm to 15 mm

What fits your manufacturing unit may not fit another. Every production setup has its own set of requirements. For example, your machines and tools are indigenously manufactured, whereas your competitor is using mixed machinery, indigenous and foreign. Therefore, the latter deserves a different set of specifications. The point we want to drive here is – to choose the product that absolutely fits your machinery.

Let's now shift our focus to applications of steel rolls.


The quality-striven roller is being used successfully for a variety of applications. These include:

  • Textile bleaches

  • Dye stuffs

Industries that draw benefits and advantages from SS rolls

The manufacturing industry-centric steel rollers have found usage in a wide range of industries, including steel, plastic, paper, textile, tyre, and packaging. For in-depth information regarding the product and its usage in the industry, you can connect with a few prominent steel roller manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India.

Get the steel roller that fits your requirement

Before you jump to any conclusion or make up your mind to buy the product, don't forget to enter into a dialogue with a leading manufacturer to learn more about the product manufactured by them. Never be in haste when purchasing inferior quality will substantially deteriorate your production outcome. None of the manufacturers would like to face that situation. That's why, we recommend you emphasize the quality, and perfection of the roller.


Only buy a quality-driven steel roller for your manufacturing setup. Never settle for quality.

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