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Rubber Rollers 

The rubber roller is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing and processing industry. It’s mainly used in the Textile, steel, paper, and packaging industry. These rollers are crafted according to the industry requirements and offer optimal performance. There are many different kinds of rollers, built according to the requirement of the industry. 

Rollers for various industrial use

Silicone rubber rollers

Silicone Rubber rollers come in many different colors & sizes with required hardness (25 to 85 shore) along with surface grinding and suitable Bearing size. It is made up of ultimate quality silicon raw material. This material has an extremely high-temperature range and it is the best electrical insulator too. The silicon rubber roller has a heating base in it. Silicon Rubber Rollers are used for many different applications. It is used for cutting the sealing, hot melt coating, extrusion coating, foil processing, holography, poly coating, heat & press lamination, and thermal lamination to name a few.  

Groove rollers

The Groove rollers are manufactured at a very economical price for industry use. These rollers are made by using ultra-modern machinery & ultimate quality raw material that is available in different lengths and diameters. These rollers are known for their effective working & accurate finishing. It has various properties like longer stability, corrosion & moisture resistance. There are many different types of grooves available according to their use like vertical groove, helical groove, screw cut groove, horizontal groove, double-helical groove, diamond cut groove, and all types of grooves. And these grooves are used for sealing machines, pouch machines, and remove all types of wrinkles & slips. 

Ebonite Roller

Ebonite roller is manufactured of supreme quality that is designed and fabricated with the use of the latest tools and advanced technology. It is capable of surviving the high temperature of steam and water. That's why it provides excellent performance and long service life. These rollers are available in various sizes.  

Ebonite rollers are very easy to install, has precise dimension, long service life with high functionality. 

Nips Rubber rollers

Rubber roller made of the different compound as per their use and working environment. Nip Rollers are high-quality rubber rollers, used for the Textile industry. These are used under different working conditions for better Squeezing efficiency. These rollers are chemical resistant, have stable strength and uniform hardness which protects the roller core and shaft. It is used for varied processes like Singeing, DE sizing, Impregnating, Bleaching (PTR), Mercerize Range, Stenter m/c, Washing, and Dyeing, etc. for the textile industry. 

Teflon roller

These rollers are Teflon coated, are widely used in the textile industry. The Teflon rollers prevent corrosion and use for non-stick applications. The Teflon coated surface of the rollers provides great resistance against general wear & tear and heat. Teflon roller manufacturers in India export an extremely wide range of industrial rollers, which are designed according to advanced industrial standards. Customization can be done to meet specific dimensions. 

Guide rollers 

These rollers are installed for direction control of the unit loads. The application of the guide roller is to maintain the guided direction of a moving object like a drawer, door, fence, or tank track. This roller provides easy movement of the objects with less resistance. Guide Rollers allows easy lifting of the object without causing any damage. 

Printing rollers 

The Printing rollers are assembled with three different rollers. First is the ink ductor roller that first receives the ink. The second is the ink form rollers that give the ink to the printing plate and the third is distributor rollers through which paper comes back after printing. It is used for paper printing or press purposes.  

Lamination Rollers 

Lamination rollers are used for laminating important stuff like important documents.This roller includes hard chrome plated surface & Rubber roller. lamination rollers mechanism is to apply a thin plastic cover to paper documents with the combination of heat and pressure. Lamination rollers are used for Paper laminators, Printed circuit board laminators, Dry film laminators, Cold lamination, Hot lamination.  

With four decades of industry experience in its quiver, Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd. has established itself as an industry leader in manufacturing, supplying, and export of a range of industrial rubber rollers!         

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