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In this blog, we are going to highlight important questions manufacturing companies that employ industrial rubber rollers, like rubber rollers for printing machines, bow banana rollers for the paper industry, etc. should consider when selecting a covering for rubber rollers.

Recent technological developments in rubber compounds, elastomeric alloys, polyurethane technologies, etc. are empowering leading rubber roller companies to develop premium quality rollers. However, Choosing the rubber materials for rubber roller applications requires focus and in-depth knowledge about the rubber material and rubber roller.

Use of innovative technology

Leading rubber rollers company invest a substantial amount of their revenue in innovative technology and R&D to improve the quality of existing rubber material and develop new compounds. Therefore, it makes sense to collaborate with a rubber rollers company that has a sophisticated R&D lab and facility for innovation.

Review the current roller specification

When choosing the rubber roller for your manufacturing company, like rubber rollers for printing machines, review the current roll specification. Consider the following factors:

  • Roll diameter (maximum and minimum diameters)

  • Cover thickness (maximum and minimum)

  • Hardness specification

  • Edge relief

  • Surface finish

  • Tolerances

Understand the reason for roll failures

This is another significant step; you can undertake to choose the best quality rubber roller for your manufacturing unit. Don’t overlook the reasons for roll failures. In fact, each and every point should be meticulously examined and evaluated. Don’t forget to consider points like, when does the wear and tear appear? When did you realize that the rubber rollers for printing machine or bow expander roller for paper manufacturing unit isn’t suitable for use? Are there cracks visible in the rubber covering? The direction of cracks? Location of cracks? The estimated depth of cracks?

Review the mechanical operating conditions

The next important question, you can ask is – review the status and mechanical operating conditions. Some of the points, you can consider include the current operating speed. Deflection of roll? Web tension? Wrap tension? Wrap? Condition of surface?

Consider realistic objectives in redesigning the rubber roller

When considering realistic objectives in redesigning the rubber roller, get in touch with your current rubber roller supplier and manufacturer. Collaboration with a leading rubber roller manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India would be helpful. Inputs from your machine operators, engineers, and technicians would further add value to this critical point. Your operator is directly watching the performance of the rubber roll. He is aware of the change in speed, pressure, temperature, cover condition, etc.

Enter into a discussion with a renowned partner

Last but not least, choose a renowned rubber rollers company to buy the product for your manufacturing unit, be it textile, paper, or printing. Choose a rubber roller company to partner which that has sufficient experience in manufacturing and delivering high-precision rubber rollers consistently. Feel free to share your query and doubts.


We are quite sure; this blog will expand your knowledge about important questions to ask when selecting rubber rollers for your manufacturing company, be it rubber rollers for printing machines. Never settle for less. And why negotiate with quality when you have the option to choose the best rubber roller manufacturer!

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