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At the outset, let’s be aware of the significance of carbon fibre. For decades, we've been using a pencil. Never thought, similar material could prove out to be a boon for the manufacturing industry. The carbon material which is being used to fabricate the tip of a pencil is swiftly transforming the landscape of the manufacturing industry. Innovation and technology have been instrumental in the emergence of carbon. 

You would be surprised by the impact created by the product. This blog lays emphasis on carbon fiber and Carbon Fibre Air Shaft  

What is carbon fibre???    

Industry experts and scientists have unequivocally termed the invention of carbon fibre as a game-changer. Rightly so, as the product is embedded with unparalleled features and properties. Carbon Fiber is one of the polymers, whereas the raw material being employed to fabricate the material is called a precursor. It’s made using the carbon crystals bonded in a long axis. The honeycomb-shaped crystals. 

There are methods in plenty to manufacture carbon fibre. The process varies from company to company. However, the fundamentals remain the same. The process initiates once the fabrication of fibers from a designated carbon-rich precursor material.                

Market research shows that about 85% of the carbon fibers are fabricated using polyacrylonitrile (PAN).     

Remarkable features and properties of carbon fibre 

We bet, the engineering marvel – Carbon Fibre can’t be compared with other metals. The gem of metallurgy is identified with several unique properties, including high strength to weight ratio, rigidity, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, brilliant electrical conductivity, resistant to fatigue, good tensile strength, resistant to fire, non-poisonous, etc.        


Since the engineering marvel is embedded with numerous properties; it’s being leveraged to manufacture tons of structures and materials in several industries. These include automobile, wind energy, friction resistance, civil engineering, marine, energy storage, sporting goods, thermoplastic compounding, 3D printing, oil and gas, pressure vessels, etc. Sounds unbelievable! Yet it’s true. That’s why; it’s precisely being called “The Engineering Marvel”.      

It’s five times stronger than steel and twice solid. Being a very strong and light material, it’s ideal for building a wide range of structures, including Carbon Carbon Fiber Air Shaft. Owing to the unmatched properties of the product, it’s one of the most sought-after materials by engineers and designers!   

Understanding Carbon Fibre air expandable shaft

The Carbon Fiber Air Shaft is turning out to be a game-changer for the manufacturing sector. Owing to the use of Carbon Fiber, the Carbon Fibre air expanding shaft is ultra-light in weight, drastically reduces the time and man-hour required for core changeover. Identical features facilitate manufacturing companies to draw maximum advantages from the product.       

Host of manufacturing industries rely on the product for various applications. Packaging, paper,  tyre, steel, tape (tape plant), and plywood to name a few rely on the product for various applications, including winding and unwinding, lamination machine, rotogravure printing machine, metalizer film plant, and pouch making processes to name a few. 

Types of Carbon Fibre air expandable shaft

Keeping in view the requirements of various industries, companies engaged in Carbon Fiber Air Shaft manufacturing have come out with different types of Carbon Fiber Air Shaft. These include: 

  • Lug Type Air Shaft 

  • Multitube Air Shaft 

  • Mechanical Shaft 

  • Reversible Air Shaft 

  • Cantilever Air Shaft  

Prominent features of Carbon Fiber Airshaft    

The unique Carbon Fibre industrial shaft is identified with numerous features and properties, these include strong and rigid design, lightweight, dimensional tolerance for better fitting, excellent grip for any core, and optimized performance to name a few.    

Custom-designed Solutions   

There is no dearth of Carbon Fiber Air Shaft Manufacturers and Carbon Fiber Air Shaft Suppliers, and exporters, however, a few companies in India have mastered the art of custom-designed solutions. For your particular specification, you can browse about such industry experts on the internet. A word of caution here, before finalizing the company to meet your Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts demand, perform credibility exercise.       

Ensuring quality 

Quality is supreme! Before jumping to a conclusion, and buying the Ultra Light Type Air Shaft for your business, compare and measure it with industry standards. Here, we are recommending a few pivotal quality parameters that will facilitate you in taking the appropriate decision. 

Problem-solving competency: Does the Carbon Fibre Air Shaft meet the industry requirement? The extent to which the product solves the problems demonstrates its competency. 

Efficiency: The efficiency of the product is supreme. The product you are planning to buy should have the potential to perform the task efficiently.             

Easy to use: The product shouldn’t be cryptic in nature and complicated. It should be easy to use. Why should a customer spend too much time using it? 

Conform to industry standards: Make an inquiry about the various standards being followed by the manufacturer, before deciding to buy it.    


Adapting to modern technology for your company assumes enormous significance in this era of relentless completion. Structures made of Carbon Fiber, including Carbon Fiber Airshafts, are the future of the manufacturing industry. Start leveraging the phenomenon before it’s too late.

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