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The title of the article says it all! Industrial rollers are the backbone of the manufacturing sector. Industries cutting across domains and verticals rely on the product to perform a wide range of applications flawlessly. 

Scientific innovation and evolution have played a critical role in shaping the transformation of rollers, from leather, wood, and metal, the product has gone for a sweeping change. Metal and rubber bonding has been instrumental in the evolution of an innovative range, the rubber roller or the industrial rubber roller. Metal remains at the nucleus, while rubber endures the brunt of the surface contact and force of friction.        

In this concise blog, I’m striving to bring forth the significance and unique features of industrial rubber rollers. I’m quite sure; the humble attempt will expand the knowledge base of many!         

What's the industrial roller 

An industrial is a metallic shaft, cylindrical in shape. The shaft could be made up of aluminum, steel, and hosts of other materials. The metallic shaft is provided with the requisite covering. Based on the covering, the industrial rollers are named. A metallic shaft with a rubber covering is called a rubber roller.   

Types of industrial rollers     

Depending on the metallic coating, industrial rollers have been classified into various types, these include a Rubber Roller, Ebonite Roller, Guide Roller, Teflon coated Roller, Glue spreader Roller, HCP Roller, and Nip Roller among others.   

Quality parameters  

Industrial rollers are identified with impeccable features. The industrial Rollers manufacturers, India adhere to a stringent quality policy to ensure quality as per the market standards. A few of the prominent parameters include:    

  • It should be stable and non-reactive     

  • The material of the roller should be firm and stable  

  • The surface of the roller should be uniform     

  • Precision driven dimension should be there    

  • Performance should be measured on industry parameters    

Industrial Applications  

Industrial rollers are phenomenal. They are being leveraged to perform a wide range of industrial applications, including:          

  • Gravure printing (Printing)

  • Flexo graphic printing (Printing)

  • Solventless lamination (Lamination)

  • Eliminates wrinkle 

  • Removes slack edges 

  • Dye stuff 

Rubber Roller 

The evolution of rubber rollers has been a defining moment for the manufacturing industry. Their characteristics are suitable for a wide gamut of industries. The rubber roller is an obvious choice for the manufacturing industry. Rightly so. While metal is inclined to corrosion, on other hand, rubber is resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Since the rubber is agile in nature, it withstands heavier weights.                

Here are a few unique features of the product:         

  • Doesn’t undergo any chemical reactions, therefore the shaft shape remains intact     

  • Resistant to distortion. Comes back to its original shape   

  • Embedded with high friction coefficient, makes it ideal for industry 

  • Surface quality is resistant to scratching     

  • Doesn’t require any specific professional training to use and install  

Printing Rubber Rollers 

The industrial roller is tailor-made for gravure printing and flexo printing to name a few. The printing rubber rollers are being leveraged in several industries, including paper, textile, and printing among others.       

Industry application  

Industrial rollers are being leveraged in a wide range of industries, including Paper, Tyre, Packaging, Steel, and Plywood among others.    

Custom-designed industrial rollers       

A few companies in India have mastered the art of customization. Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd. is a prominent company offering a wide range of industrial rollers. An unmatched industry experience of four decades has equipped the company to offer custom-designed industrial rollers. Export to 50+ countries validates their market niche. The company has many first to its credit, owing to its unmatched niche; it’s rightly called one of the pioneers in the industrial rubber sectors.         

An expert team headed by a senior professional evaluates the proposal of a custom-designed product. The team comprehensively dissects and evaluates the requirement. Enters into a dialogue with the client. Upon continuous discussion with each other, the team reaches a conclusion, comes up with a design prototype. The design approved is then sent to the custom-designed manufacturing team.    


In the current scenario, the manufacturing sector can’t be imagined without industrial rollers. The product has assumed huge significance. Calling it the backbone isn’t an exaggeration. Industries cutting across domains thrive on the application performed by the industrial rollers!                                               

About the Writer         

I’m an award-winning writer and blogger with a passion for marathons and cycling. The fascination for technology, innovation, fashion, and lifestyle, and brand building keeps me on my toes. Over the years, Ahmedabad, India-based blogger has written 1000+ engaging and thought-provoking blogs on a wide range of issues, including digital marketing, technology, SEO, fashion, sports, and engineering among others. The two books written by me further corroborates my passion for writing! My dawn cracks with words, dusk ends with words!

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