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Before making a deep-dive into the all important industrial rubber rollers’ subject, it assumes significance to understand the fundamentals of the rubber roller.

Understanding the rubber rollers

A rubber roller in plain term can be defined as the sheet or coating of an elastic rubber covering the core made out of sturdy metal. Core metal depends on the application and industry. Ever rising market competition has compelled the manufacturing sector to employ premium quality rollers. In the long run quality pays dividend though bit expensive.

Salient features of rubber rollers

The industrial rubber rollers aren't any kind of simple rubber rollers. These are identified with a variety of unique features:

  • Sturdy core metal and covering

  • High coefficient of friction

  • Resistant to acids and chemicals

  • Resistant to harsh weather

  • High tensile strength

  • Prevents damage caused by scratching and bumping

  • Durable

Uniform surface and precision driven cambering further elevates the salient features. Just a humble reminder - these salient features aren't incorporated here for academic purpose. While making a purchase order, ensure that the rubber roller manufacturers finalized by you as a businessman demonstrates the above salient features. Mediocre quality wreaks havoc on the production cycle. As a businessman, it's a precarious situation. And it's totally avoidable.


The rubber rollers are being employed in diverse manufacturing industries to perform various applications flawlessly, including:

  • Gravure printing (Printing)

  • Flexo graphic printing (Printing)

  • Solventless lamination (Lamination)

  • Solvent-based lamination (Lamination)

  • Extrusion lamination (Hard chrome plated rollers)

  • Adhesive coating (Hard chrome plated rollers)

  • Tape line / Woven sack (Silicon rollers)

  • Blown film line(Silicon rollers)

  • Bopp/polyester line (Palletizer rollers)

  • Pelletize machine(Palletizer rollers)

Industrial use

The rubber roller has proved out to be a boon for different manufacturing processes. Owing to its efficiency, it’s being leveraged in several manufacturing industries, including textile, packaging, tyre, and paper among others.

Custom rubber rollers

The custom-designed rubber rollers are manufactured at a special order. Not many rubber roller manufacturers are equipped with the expertise and infrastructure to offer custom rubber roller, India solutions.

Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd., a pioneer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of industrial rubber roller with headquarter in Ahmedabad, India has been catering to diverse industries. An unmatched industry experience of four decades has been instrumental enabling the company to set industry benchmarks. Their unmatched position can be imagined from the fact that products are being exported to 50+ countries.

Client trust hasn't been built overnight; it's the dedication, hard work and continued focus on quality that makes the company stand out from the crowd!

The custom-designed rubber roller is one of their areas of expertise. Expert technicians and engineers collaborate with the client's team. Understand their requirement.

If you are searching for a industrial rubber roller manufacturer with proven track record, end your search with Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd.


The rubber rollers have become an integral part of a wide range of manufacturing industries. Depending on industry and application, businesses can choose and install the rubber roller. Never compromise with the quality. Quality directly impacts the business growth. Consequently, only procure rubber rollers from quality-driven companies!

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