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Q.1. We often come across the term, OEM in manufacturing sector. Kindly elaborate on the important term. 

A. The word OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM is a manufacturing company that procures spare parts and equipments from other manufacturers or suppliers. These are then used to manufacture and assemble a wide range of products and sold to other companies. The finished product is leveraged by companies to fulfill their business-centric objectives.                

Q.2. Rubber Roller, Rubber Roller, plenty of times, I’ve heard this term. But what are the applications of the product?     

A. The Rubber Roller is being extensively used for a wide range of applications, including: 

  • Gravure printing 

  • Flexographic printing 

  • Solventless lamination 

  • Adhesive coating 

  • Blown film line 

  • Palletize machine    

  • Squeezing materials 

  • Removing wrinkles from the film 

Q.3. I’m bit confused about the industries using the Rubber Roller. Can you expand my knowledge? 

A. The Rubber Rollers are being used on a large scale, in a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Paper 

  • Plywood 

  • Tyre 

  • Steel 

  • Packaging    

  • Textile           

Q.4. Please explain in brief about the manufacturing process of the Rubber Roller. 

A. The Industrial Rubber Rollers are being manufactured through standard processes, including casting, molding and extrusion. 

Q.5. I’m managing a textile company. We require Rubber Rollers continuously. Heard a lot about Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd., company, manufacturers, India. What’s unique about the company? 

A. The four decades of unmatched industry legacy has continued to drive our exponential growth, and enable us to set new benchmarks for the industry. Some of the prominent features include:   

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility – 1,35,000+ sq.ft  

  • Stringent “Quality Policy” 

  • Innovative product  

  • Expertise in Custom-built designs 

Q.6. According to the Rubber Roller industry experts, there are several types of Industrial Rubber Rollers. Kindly share a few? 

A. Depending on the coating material, Rubber Rollers have been classified into several types, including: 

  • Press Roller  

  • Felt Guide Roller  

  • Press Guide Roller  

  • Cough Roller  

  • Guide Roller  

  • Size Press Roller 

  • Lump Break Roller 

  • Bottom Press Roller 

Q.7. Rubber Rollers are being recognized cutting across industries for a wide range of salient features. Can you share a few of the unique features and expand our knowledge. 

A. Unique features of Rubber Roller: 

  • Resistance to abrasion 

  • Uniform surface 

  • Precision driven cambering 

  • Easy installation    

  • Flawless performance 

Q.8. What’s custom-designed or custom-built Industrial Rubber Rollers? Can you do me the favour to explain it in layman’s language? 

A. Custom-designed Rubber Rollers are an exception. Combining the vast industry experience and latest technology, Team Arvind delivers custom-designed rubber rollers to suit industry-specific dimensions. Not many companies have the professional expertise to offer custom-designed solutions. 

Q.9. What’s the application of industrial Glue Spreader Roller? 

A. The Glue Spreader Rollers are tailor-made to seamlessly spray adhesive on plywood. The product is used on a large-scale in plywood industry.     

Q.10. The Polyband Expander is also an industrial roller. Explain its advantages? 

A. The quality-driven Polyband Expander rollers provide ceaseless stretch to the web and separate the web following the procedure of slitting. the product removes web wrinkles efficiently and performs optimally during the PP and HM liner bags

Q.11. What’s significance of Heavy Nip & Padding Rollers?  

A. The Heavy Nip & Paddling Roller is being used for various applications in the textile industry, including bleaching, washing, and mercerizing. Squeezing efficiency is another feature of the product.

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