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A variable bow roller is a specially designed spreader roll with a rubber coating that allows the operator to change the roll bow even when the machine is working. As far as the roll is concerned, it depends on the material to be processed in the production unit, leading to improved cut separation.

Why is it called a variable bow roller? 

Here shape assumes significance. As the shape of the product is similar to a bow with cut separation, it is famous by this name.   

Design and shape 

The product consists of a central beam with a bow in it, whereas bearings are mounted across the entire roll. The bearing is coated with a rubber. Since the roller is designed to spread the material during the production cycle, it is also famous in industry circles as a spreader bow roller.    

Measuring the dimension  

Do you have any idea, how to measure the dimension of the roller? Since it is similar to a bow in design, does it pose challenges to measure its dimension? Well, industry engineers have come out with an equation to measure the industrial product. the dimension of the bow is measured by arc height divided by roll width X 100. Sounds interesting! That’s the magic of engineering science.            

Unique features of the variable bow roller

An excellence-driven product is recognized with a few unique features. Consider these features, before choosing the product for your manufacturing company:        

  • Requires less maintenance 

  • Width remains static 

  • Resistant to abrasion 

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • High tensile strength  

  • Resistant to wear and tear 

  • Resistant to scratching and bumping 

  • Excellent coefficient of friction 

  • Quickly compensates for small changes that occur in the machine's precision  


It is ideal for various applications, like reducing slack ends, wiping wrinkles, spreading, slit separation, coating batching, and re-winding among others.    


A variable bow roller is suitable for a variety of industries. These include textile, plastic, paper, printing, laminating and steel

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