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Carbon fiber has emerged as an important product in this era of rapid industrialization with numerous benefits for a variety of industries. In this blog, we are going to highlight carbon fiber, its significance in the world of manufacturing, its benefits and applications, etc. Also, how carbon fiber roller manufacturers are getting benefitted from the incredible invention.

Before we move forward, it makes sense to learn about the basics of carbon fiber as it will help the reader to relate the blog better.

Learning about carbon fiber

Carbon is an incredible invention comprising thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon. It is also called graphite fiber or carbon graphite.

Considering its exceptional properties and salient features, it has found usage in various manufacturing industries.

Salient features of the product

  • High stiffness,

  • High tensile strength

  • Low weight-to-strength ratio

  • High-temperature tolerance

  • Low thermal expansion

  • High chemical resistance

For in-depth information about the salient features of the incredible product, you can connect with leading carbon fiber roller manufacturers.


You would be surprised to learn that carbon fiber is over 4 times stronger than glass-reinforced plastic, around 20 times more than pine, and 2.5 times greater than aluminum.

Tensile strength

This is again a brilliant feature of carbon fiber. The product has a high tensile strength in comparison to many metals we use in our day-to-day life. For the unawares, tensile strength or ultimate strength is the maximum stress a material can endure while the material is being stretched or pulled before necking takes place.


As far as weight is concerned, let’s understand this with an example. While both carbon fiber and steel are resistant to deformation, it has been proved that steel is far denser in comparison to carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is five times lighter in weight, as compared to steel, and ideal for a wide range of products. At the same time, 1.5 times lighter than aluminum.

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and aluminum

It has been proven scientifically that carbon fiber is ten times stronger than steel, while it is eight times stronger than aluminum.

Industrial applications

Since carbon fiber has incredible properties and features, it has found usage in a variety of applications.

Don’t get surprised when we tell you that carbon fiber has become one of the most sought-after materials for manufacturing industries. Hundreds of items are being manufactured by using the carbon fiber roller. These include bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, accessories, helmets, sports items, industrial machinery, etc. Let's understand this with an example, lightweight tennis rackets empower lawn tennis players to boost their skills by swinging harder and faster. There’s hardly any risk of damaging the racket.

Prominent carbon fiber roller manufacturers, carbon fiber air shaft suppliers, industrial rubber roller suppliers, etc. across India are drawing benefits from carbon fiber.


Over the years, this product has become an integral part of manufacturing industries. If you are planning to buy any item manufactured by carbon fiber, examine the credibility and professional expertise of the manufacturer. Quality should always be at the core. Never compromise with the quality!

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