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In this industrial blog, we are going to highlight the glue spreader roller, its importance and benefits, and its advantages for the industry.

Before we take a deep dive into the business-centric subject, it makes sense to learn the basics of the roller.

What is a glue spreader roller?

A roller that has found usage in the manufacturing industry is designed for spreading glue. It is a cylindrical product engineered by using a sturdy core rod and well-fitted with brackets, bearings, and a solid frame. Coming to thickness and dimensions, the product is available in various standard dimensions. At the same time, a few glue spreader rollers manufacturers in India hold professional expertise to deliver custom-designed solutions. In the ensuing sections, we will talk about this vital feature of glue Spreader Rollers in India.

With the emergence of innovative technology, glue spreader rollers’ manufacturing process has changed noticeably. It is in the interest of the manufacturing industry. Glue spreader rollers manufacturers in India are drawing benefits from the innovative technology. Bottlenecks that were persisting in the rollers have been addressed. Subsequently, the modern manufacturing industry rollers are more efficient.

Salient features of the glue spreader roller

A quality-driven industrial roller in Ahmedabad, India is recognized for a wide range of unique features. These include:

  • Requires less maintenance

  • Resistant to abrasion

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • High tensile strength

  • Resistant to wear and tear

  • Resistant to scratching and bumping

  • Width remains static

  • Excellent coefficient of friction

  • Quickly compensates for small changes that occur in the machine's precision

Always prefer a quality-driven product

Here it’s important to mention that quality matters a lot. A quality-driven product requires less maintenance and is durable. As a result, you don’t have to spend additional money on maintenance. Being an owner of a company, you require a quality-driven product, a product that requires less maintenance. Your production team doesn’t have to think time and again about the maintenance of the product. This allows them to focus on the production part, their primary goal.

Glue Spreader Rollers in India are known for quality and effectiveness. Yet don’t leave any stone unturned when you decide to purchase glue spreader rollers for your manufacturing company.


Let’s now shift our focus towards the application segment of this blog. As the name indicates, the glue spreader roller is essentially designed for spraying the adhesive.

  • Used in spraying the adhesive


This technically sound product is designed for the Plywood-based industry.

Custom-designed glue Spreader Rollers in India

A few leading companies in Ahmedabad, India hold competency to design custom-designed solutions. Their team holds professional expertise in developing products in accordance with your industrial requirement, their team will develop rollers for your company. Every minute detail is shared with you for your reference. Unless the layout is approved by you and your production team, it is not permitted for production.

Let’s connect for a mutually beneficial partnership

Driven by a visionary approach, Arvind Rub-Web Controls Ltd. made a humble beginning in 1984. From a modest foray, over the years, the excellence-focused company has established itself as an indisputable industry leader with several industries first to its credit.

"Excellence means setting benchmarks, without telling others", this adage has been at the center of our corporate strategy. Starting with mere two industrial rollers in the beginning, over the years we have grown to produce more than 100 types of industrial rollers.

Are you looking for glue spreader rollers? Don’t go further. End your search with Arvind Rubbers.

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