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In simple words, an industrial rubber roller is a scientifically designed roller consisting of an inner shaft or tube. As far as the material is concerned, the shaft is made up of metal, like aluminum alloys, iron, steel, or carbon fiber. The inner shaft is covered by an outer layer of elastomer compounds.

Unique features of industrial rubber rollers

Industrial rubber rollers by a leading industrial rubber roller manufacturer are widely acclaimed for their unique features. These include:

  • Returns to its original shape, if distorted during application
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Resistant to scratching and bumping
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Swiftly compensates for small changes that occur in machines' precision
  • Resistant to inclement weather
  • Sturdy design

In addition, a quality-driven roller is worth investing in as depicts durability during execution in a manufacturing unit.  Also, don’t forget to measure the rubber rollers on the above parameters while placing your final order as it will help an industry to get the roller, it was searching for.


An industrial rubber roller is being used in a wide range of applications. These include:

  • Gravure printing (Printing)
  • Flexo graphic printing (Printing)
  • Solventless lamination (Lamination)
  • Solvent-based lamination (Lamination)
  • Extrusion lamination (Hard chrome plated rollers)
  • Adhesive coating (Hard chrome plated rollers)
  • Tape line / Woven sack (Silicon rollers)
  • Blown film line (Silicon rollers)
  • Bopp/polyester line (Palletizer rollers)
  • Pelletize machine (Palletizer rollers)

Before choosing the roller, have an extensive dialogue with the reputed industrial rubber roller manufacturer, enabling you to get the most suitable roller.

Industries drawing benefits from rubber rollers

A variety of industries are drawing benefits from industry-centric rubber rollers, including textile, paper, lamination, steel, tyre, etc. For more information, you can connect with a prominent industrial rubber roller manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

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