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With the advent of technology and continued innovation in the field of printing, flexographic printing has evolved considerably. It is essentially a high-speed, roll-feed web-based printing process that has found usage in a variety of applications. Flexographic printing sleeves are integral to this whole process.

Understanding flexographic printing sleeves

The quality-driven printing sleeves are designed to mount printing plates on it in flexographic printing, which are floated onto the air mandrel by using compressed air. A quality-driven sleeve is identified with its precision and for demonstrating excellent quality during application.   

Unique Features

  • Excellent repeat accuracy of printing
  • High mechanical strength and consistent dimensional tolerance
  • Can be combined with various types of adapters
  • Quick and easy mounting and dismounting by dry compressed air
  • Made with antistatic compound ensuring static discharge
  • Saves storage space as stored vertically

Applications of flexographic printing sleeves

The premium quality sleeves are extensively used in a variety of applications, including printing high volumes of labels and flexible packaging. In addition, it is ideal to produce higher volumes of folding cartons and corrugated packaging.

Many of us come across printed disposable cups and tissues. How does that print take place? A variety of specialty items, including gift wraps, tissue paper, napkins, shopping bags, envelopes, ice cream cartons, and disposable plates and cups are also printed by using flexographic printing sleeves through flexography printing.

In this era of tough competition, flexographic printing has assumed considerable significance. How? Labels and information are a crucial part of marketing these days. The better the quality, the more attention it gets from customers. That’s why the labels’ quality needs to stand. And it can’t be imagined without flexographic printing sleeves!

So, next time you see a shiny label on a product, think about flexographic printing!

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