Air Expandable Shaft An Amazing Tool For Slitter Re-Winder MachineSummary of Our Company

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Air Expandable Shaft

Air expanding shafts is an advanced winding shaft that is used for slitter re-winders. Manufactured by using high-quality raw material and techniques these shafts are a prominent tool of the packaging industry, steel industry, and paper industry.

Arvind rubbers are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of these shafts in the national and international market.

Features of Air Expandable shaft :

Our air expandable shaft offers many extraordinary features that make them stand apart in the industry. These additional features are added to help in the comfortable working of the tool.

We understand the importance of tools in industrial operations thus we are engaged in catering to you with high-class products:

  1. Our air-expanding shafts are known for delivering superior performance for winding applications.
  2. Expanding shafts are available in the following sizes- 70mm, 76mm,101mm, and 152mm CORE ID.
  3. Our shafts offer the best core gripping with the widest range from heavy to light-duty work.
  4. Our products work smoothly without making any harm to the core surface.
  5. The length of the shafts can be customized as the client’s requirement but the core will remain a minimum of 20mm.


Air expandable shafts play a very important role in paper and packaging industries. The incredible features and outstanding capabilities make it a must-have tool in many industries.

This shaft consists of many supportive features such as a slotted shaft, rubber bladders, hard and ground steel cage with ball type gripper that makes it one of the outstanding tools.

  1. These shafts are capable of working even in heavy speed variation due to gauge variation with multicores.
  2. Minimum of 20 mm core.
  3. Length customized as per the requirement.
  4. Reel holding is possible at any position
  5. Suitable for core ID. 3″ and 6″
  6. It reduces the loss of time in re-positioning cores

Why us?

Arvind Rubber is engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive range of Air Expandable Shaft for the packaging industry, Steel industry, and paper industry.
Air expanding shafts manufactured by us delivers the best service in the industry.
Our air expanding shaft serves our customers with superior performance for winding application in the widest range of roll handling processes.

Our winding products are capable of adjusting to the varied condition of industry functions such as speed variations and core width variations.
We are here to help you with a high-quality and budget-friendly range of products that let you concentrate on your work rather than struggling with tools.

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